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Store Background

The History

In January of 1929, "Lowell Liquor Store" was born on Main St. in Lowell, MI, in a building build in 1867,  one of the first liquor stores in Kent county.  Due to prohibition, the store was forced to change its name to "Lowell Beer Store" in order to be compliant with the demands of the time.  Since its inception, the store has passed through the hands of many different owners, each who brought their own unique flavor to the store. Customers often come in and reminisce about special memories they have from years gone by that they spent in the store.

 The year 2019 brought new owners who appreciated the unique aspects of the building and wanted to uncover the hidden gem.  The new name, "Showboat Spirits & Fine Wine" reflects the new look and vibe of the store, while still honoring the Showboat parked on the river near the store, a historic landmark that makes the town of Lowell unique and special.

A Bit of History: About Us

A Bit About Us

The Owners

Joel and Diona moved to Lowell, MI in spring of 2015 from Englewood, CO, seeking to escape the crowds and find a small town in which to raise their family.  They fell in love with Lowell immediately and have enjoyed becoming a part of the vibrant community ever since. 

Married for over 25 years, Joel and Diona have never been ones to shy away from a challenge.  So when they saw that the Lowell Beer Store was up for sale, it was an opportunity they could not pass up.  A chance to restore this beautiful building matched their deep appreciation for not only preserving history, but for uncovering hidden beauty using available resources.   

Their passion for renovation and restoration may only be outmatched by their desire to create the best customer service possible and building lasting relationships with people.

A Bit of History: About
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